Sunday, March 11, 2018

September 2017

Every year, on Labor Day Weekend, Berta and I fix up the studio.  It's a LOT of work and ends up being like three long days...LONG.  But also fun and we work well together on projects.  We always say the end result is our "sunset" we like to sit and stare at, no matter how delirious!

One of my co-workers is Debbie and she is totally blind.  She needed some orientation to new schools she was going to work at this school year, so I trained her on several schools.  

Sweet Peyton before her haircut.  Not sure where the after picture is!

Peyton wears a perfectly slicked back bun to school every Mon and Wednesday so she is all ready for ballet.  It is quite the ordeal!

Jordyns first year teaching her own classes!  She had a hip hop, ballet and jazz.

This scleroderma has made Lexi sooooo tired and she is always taking naps.  Poor kid.  At least she has Rusty to keep her company!

So, one night Jill invited us over.  It was a nice evening so me and the girls walked over there.  On the way home, I decided to have us walk home instead of having Tucker pick us up.  Well, it was a life changing walk because we suddenly heard this loud noise that I thought was a strange bird.  It was loud and persistent.  As we got closer, I turned on my flashlight and saw this:

A KITTY!  I didn't know what to do!  I decided to leave the kitty there because it was really late and I didn't want the home owner to come out with a gun, and I told the girls we'd come back in the morning.

So...we did.  And the kitty was still there and practically ran to us!  The owner was in the backyard. so I was able to talk to him and ask if it was his kitty.  He said cats always have babies under the foundation of his home and that we could have her if we wanted!  We took her tiny self home.  Lexi had been asking for a kitty for a whole year, ever since kitty ran away.  SO, I figured this kitty dropped into our lap.

Tucker and I decided to give her a bath...and we found SIXTY FLEAS!!!

Welcome to the family Nubs...who ends up being called KiKi!!

Girls gathering with my girls!

Look at this BABY KITTY!  Sooooo cute!

We re-did the wall at the studio...I really like how it turned out.

Jordyns Wednesday Lunch Group


Love this crazy dog.  Rylee sits like this ALL the time!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

August 2017

(NOTE: I'm writing these posts for 2017 one year later, so my details are slim and brief!)

Kylee and Rylee

We got the idea to walk to sonic one night.  It was almost 2 miles!  We walked, ate too much, and called tucker to pick us up.

Just chillin at the Maxfield home!

Paxton loves riding bikes when he comes

Driving to Oakland for a quick trip to celebrate Shana's 40th birthday

Bowling with the fam!

Rusty got a very interesting hair cut!

Sprinkler plus trampoline is a perfect hot summer day activity

Kylee and Bernice

School shopping!

So we had the whole stressful situation with Lexi getting diagnosed with Scleroderma on her leg.  When we got into the pediatric rheumatologist, she was pretty adamant that we start treatment immediately.  Which meant a high dosage of steroids for 6 months, and weekly shots of methotrexate.

before we knew how hard it would really be

I love watching my girls interact together

Jordyn practicing driving!

ANNNND just like that, my summer is over.  Back to school/work I go!

And back to golf for Jordyn!

 Back to school!  Lexi 8th, Jordyn 10th, Peyton 5th

new TDC Apparel!

The nurse was teaching Tucker and I how to give Lexi her methotrexate shot

Roxy loves Kristy

I'm kind of ridiculous about my daily vitamins!


Peyton's first year playing the flute!

Golf is such an interesting sport to watch your child play.  You have to be quiet, and drive around in a golf cart, silently watching.  Plus, games are in the afternoon when its 100 degrees!

Getting her shot :-(

Girls already learning choreography for new team dances!